Combinatul Chimik | Industry Ruin

Documentary + Architecture Photography | January 2014 | Alexander Zehrer

These photos document the remaining parts of a large chemical factory that was build in 1911 in Tarnaveni, Romania. At its best times over 7000 people – both Romanian and Gypsy – were working there together. In 2002 it was shut down and Gypsy people started going into the buildings to collect firewood for cooking and heating. Today they are still searching for iron to sell between the chemical trash. In the past 12 years this huge factory area was exploited and now it looks like a big battlefield. Today there are rumors about new investors for that area, but the contaminated soil is one of the big issues they would have to deal with.

Combinatul ChimikCombinatul ChimikCombinatul Chimik Combinatul Chimik Combinatul Chimik Combinatul Chimik Combinatul ChimikCombinatul Chimik Combinatul ChimikCombinatul ChimikCombinatul ChimikCombinatul ChimikCombinatul ChimikCombinatul Chimik